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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. Paezus strives to protect the privacy and the personal information of its users.In this document we will clarify what measures we take to collect, protect, store, use and dispose of your personal information.

1.2. A potential user of Paezus must be at least 16 (sixteen) years of age to be eligible to register at Paezus and become an object of this policy.

1.3. The current document is related to the information we collect, store and process and is not related to any third-party resources, which we do not control. 1.4. Any changes that this document may be subject to in the future, will be published on our official Web site and be publicly accessible.

2. User Personal Information

2.1. Paezus may collect, store and process user account personal information provided by the user at the time of registration. The registration procedure and the acceptance of the service Contract serves as a legal basis for Paezus to process user personal information. 2.3. Paezus is authorized to process personal user account information such as first name, last name, address, email address, phone number, user account username and password. We may use the mentioned information for communication, validation, authorization and security purposes. The registration procedure and the acceptance of the service Contract serve as a legal basis for Paezus to process user personal information. 2.4. Paezus is authorized to request and process registered user’s personal identification documents’ data. Such documentation may include passport, social security number, personal identification and will be used for security, verification, authorization or legal purposes. This information may also be used to protect users from any form of fraudulent activity on their Paezus accounts or to regain access to their user account if the account has been violated or hacked. 2.5. To provide better quality services, for security, marketing and statistics purposes Paezus may collect, store and process usage information such as location, cookies, behavior statistics, web traffic data, IP addresses, errors information, actions logs, etc. 2.6. Paezus may collect, store and process data related to users trading activity such as trade identifiers, payment methods, buyer and seller personal information, trade currency and volumes, trade timing and terms and other. The registration procedure and the acceptance of the service Contract serve as a legal basis for Paezus to process such information. We use this information for security purposes and as a basis for resolution of potential trade disputes. 2.7. Paezus is authorized to collect, store and process information related to cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain operations, transaction identifiers, deposit addresses, bitcoin amount, timestamps, etc. from users’ Paezus Wallets. The registration procedure and the acceptance of the service Contract serve as a legal basis for Paezus to process such information. We use this information for security purposes, records or/end potential disputes resolution. 2.8. Paezus is authorized to collect, store and process all the communication data that has happened via and/or in relation to Paezus: user messages, chats, attachments, etc. Such information may include personal data, pictures, files, IP addresses, names, addresses, video files, personal identification documents, etc. The registration procedure and the acceptance of the service

3. Publicly Accessible Information

3.1. All the personal information that the Paezus user has made publicly accessible through Paezus services like (chat, forum, user profile, trade terms etc.) is considered public and controlled by the user. Publicly accessible information loses privacy privileges and may cause undesired spam or other issues. 3.2. Publicly accessible information may be used and/or shared by other users out of your control. Please make sure you are aware of what information you make public and take full responsibility for any consequences related to such actions.

4. Personal Information Handling

4.1. This chapter describes the terms for the handling and disposal of personal information. 4.2. Personal information that comes into the possession of Paezus is stored and processed according to the terms stipulated in this Policy and the time required to perform the appropriate Paezus functionality. 4.3. Paezus users may request to completely remove their user account and personal data from the Paezus system at any time. Requests must be sent to Paezus in writing. 4.4. Personal information handling terms: Personal information may remain in the Paezus system logs or logs of external processors for a short period of time after the Paezus user account has been deleted. All the trading history of an account must be kept for fourteen days after the Paezus user account has been deleted from the Paezus system. All the communications made on the Paezus services are kept for five years after deleting the Paezus user account. Paezus user account registration data and the trading information on the Paezus user account are stored for five years after deleting the Paezus user account. Cryptocurrency transactions data is stored in the Paezus system for five years after deleting the Paezus user account. Blockchain transactions data will remain publicly available. 4.5. The time your personal information remains in the Paezus system may vary depending on the time Paezus needs to provide its services, meet any legal obligations, resolve disputes, provide customer support or other activities.

5. Paezus Registered User Rights

5.1. This chapter specifies all the main Paezus user rights for protection of personal information. Please be aware, that your rights for protection of personal information are also governed by the applicable legislation. 5.2. You have the right to request your personal consent to process your personal data. 5.3. You are eligible to request that your personal information be corrected and completed in case it is incorrect or incomplete. 5.4. You may request your personal information be removed from the Paezus system. See previous chapter for more information on information handling policy terms. 5.5. You may refuse to have your personal information processed. Nevertheless, taking this into account, Paezus may proceed with processing your personal information if there are any legitimate grounds for that action. 5.6. You may request that Paezus provide your personal data to yourself or a third party, unless it violates the rights of other private individuals or entities. 5.7. You may file an official claim in the event that Paezus violates personal data protection legislation. 5.8. You have the right to withdraw your consent to allow Paezus to process your personal information. The processing of your personal information prior to such a withdrawal is considered within the legal rights of Paezus as stated in this Policy. 5.9. Paezus may request that a user provide certain additional personal identification documents if it is required to verify a user or Paezus has any other legal ground or obligation to make such request. 5.10. Contact the Paezus customer support for issues related to the protection of your personal information.

6. Cookie Policy

This chapter describes the cookies policy, the reason for Paezus to store and use cookies and the means for a user to refuse cookies. 6.1. Paezus uses cookies for the management of the authorization process and general administration purposes. 6.2. Paezus uses cookies to allow the user to remain logged-in. These type of cookies are removed once the user session is ended. 6.3. In order for Paezus to provide a better user experience, we offer to store some of the personal information that a user may enter in various registration forms, in the form of cookies. 6.4. Paezus may use cookies to track visitors of any Paezus web sites arriving from other outside Web sites or Paezus affiliate sites. 6.5. Paezus may use cookies required by Google Analytics or other resources that analyze and process Web site performance data. 6.6. You can manage cookies by adjusting your Web browser configurations. Nevertheless, Paezus recommends to enable cookies on the Paezus Web site to ensure the service functions properly.